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Apache 2.2.3, mod_jk 1.2.37 in front of jboss eap 6.

In my JKWorkersFile I specify 'worker.list=' with all my loadbalancers.

Everything seems to work - I can
change '.host=' or '.port=' setting for a node, or
change a loadbalancers '.balance_workers=' setting to different nodes.
My loadbalancers are sticky - and that part works.
But the log persistently shows my loadbalancers are
  using method 'Request'
regardless of my loadbalancers '.method=' setting.

I found a reference in the download
(0/r="Requests", 1/t="Traffic", 2/b="Busyness", 3/s="Sessions", 4/n="Next"; case insensitive, only first character is used)

Has anyone successfully used a '.method=' setting other than 'Request'?

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User error.

The file I had been given
contained loadbalancer entries that were not case consistent...


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