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I'm working on a Unity App where I need to load some html pages(with touch support). I've found 3 plugins for that and each have some limitations. Are there any other good plugins so I can test and see. These are the ones I'm currently testing
uWebKit - having a issue with higher resolutions(when swiping the carousal it gets slow with higher resolutions)
Coherent UI - Doesn't support touch events. Have to write code to make touch works properly.
Awesomium - Didn't test this, because it seems bit too expensive.

If any of you know of any other plugins for that please list them.


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For anyone looking for an answer, I ended up using Coherent UI plugin and that seem to do the work I needed. Their new version supported touch events also, didn't have to write code for that. –  Madhu Jan 19 at 9:11

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Have you tried PowerUI (http://powerui.kulestar.com/) it is a plugin which renders HTML within Unity directly. (Rather than using an external web renderer, and then copying the texture into Unity).

It only renders a subset of HTML/JS, so it is primarily suited to building up interfaces from scratch, but it is quite useful, fast, and I believe it supports touch events.

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My suggestion is to look at the WWW class unity provides.


As far as the touch support goes, I don't know what you really have planned with that. So I am sorry I cant help you with that. Although, you could look at Physics.Raycast()


Which will allow you to detect which collider has been hit.

Hope this helps.

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The www class allows you to download specific files (text assets, binary files, json files, whatever you want), however it appears that question is asking for a method of displaying HTML files within Unity. (which is what uWebKit/Coherent UI/Awesomium do). –  ardrian Mar 19 '14 at 23:42
I can see where I misunderstood the question. Nevertheless, the class above, in some way, shows HTML files. –  TheNoob Mar 21 '14 at 3:14
@TheNoob, it's pretty clear the guy asking the questioner wasn't asking about how to look at the HTML source of a page… –  Alistair Nov 5 '14 at 6:10

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