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In our team we have a Sharepoint site where news, guidelines and files in general are posted.

But the weird thing is, when browsing it for the first time, we get a 404-Not Found Error. All the subsequent attempts to access it are sucessful.

This isn't a major problem at all, but I wonder, are there known causes for this behavior?

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Right click the page and view the source of the page and check the stack trace. See what 'exactly' is not found. In case if it is 401 (which matches exactly with your situation) check the following link - http://blogs.bluethreadinc.com/thellebuyck/archive/2008/10/30/401.1-error-when-accessing-sharepoint-from-server.aspx

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This sounds like a job for ServerFault, but my first guess is that you have IIS configured in such a way that your request is timing out and returning a 404 before Sharepoint has finished its first-run compilation on the homepage.

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That sounds possible... but if timeout were the problem, wouldn't IIS be returning a timeout-related message (e.g. 408)? –  born to hula Feb 11 '10 at 17:01
That would seem like the obvious thing to do, but then Sharepoint very rarely does what one would expect. It is a classic exemplar of the Principle Of Most Surprise in almost every aspect of design and architecture. –  glenatron Feb 12 '10 at 10:50

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