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I find a sample code in "programming python", whose output is different from my test.

My platform is Ubuntu + python 2.7.

In the html, a POST request is made:

<form method=POST action="test.py">

In test.py, a HTTP response is made like this:

print 'Content-type: text/html\n'
print '<title>Reply Page</title>'
print 'Who are you?'

After form submission in HTML page, chrome displays code of text.py rather than a html page. However the book shows the output as a html page.

Is the book wrong?

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Nope, but it made assumptions which may or may not have been actually stated (since I don't have that book). You need to be running the test.py code as a cgi-bin or similar program. Are you running the applications in apache or some other web server? –  Foon Mar 17 at 17:33

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Turn on UNIX execution bit on test.py Start it test.py with line

   #!/usr/bin/env python

And then run UNIX command

   chmod u+x test.py

This turns to file to executable UNIX script.

Also you might need to change your web server settings to allow the execution of cgi-bin style scripts.

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