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In python, you can use a very simple if statement to see if what the user has entered (or just a variable) is in a list:

myList = ["x", "y", "z"]
myVar = "x"

if myVar in x:
    print("your variable is in the list.")

How would I be able to do this in Java?

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If your array type is a reference type, you can convert it to a List with Arrays.asList(T...) and check if it contains the element

if (Arrays.asList(array).contains("whatever"))
    // do your thing
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String[] array = {"x", "y", "z"};

if (Arrays.asList(array).contains("x")) {
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Here is one solution,

String[] myArray = { "x", "y", "z" };
String myVar = "x";
if (Arrays.asList(myArray).contains(myVar)) {
    System.out.println("your variable is in the list.");

Output is,

your variable is in the list.
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You could iterate through the array and search, but I recommend using the Set Collection.

Set<String> mySet = new HashSet<String>();
String myVar = "x";

if (mySet.contains(myVar)) {
  System.out.println("your variable is in the list");

Set.contains() is evaluated in O(1) where traversing an array to search can take O(N) in the worst case.

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Rather than calling the Arrays class, you could just iterate through the array yourself

String[] array = {"x", "y", "z"};
String myVar = "x";
for(String letter : array)
         System.out.println(myVar +" is in the list");

Remember that a String is nothing more than a character array in Java. That is

String word = "dog";

is actually stored as

char[] word = {"d", "o", "g"};

So if you would call if(letter == myVar), it would never return true, because it is just looking at the reference id inside the JVM. That is why in the code above I used

if(letter.equals(myVar)) { }
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