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I am stuck on this one. After an exe component which requires reboot is executed, the dotnetinstaller script forces a reboot. However after reboot it starts right from beginning not after the step which required rebooting.

These are the details: DotNetInstaller Version: 2.13 Properties:

Auto_Continue_on_reboot = true
must_reboot_required = false
must_reboot = true
returnCodes_reboot = 3010

Registry Values:

Name: Default                       Value: (Value Not Set)
Name: dotNetInstaller.exe     Value: "C:\Installer\dotNetInstaller.exe" /Reboot

Thanks for any assistance.

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Your question was answered by Daniel Doubrovkine in the dotnetinstaller Google Group here.

That is by design. DNI is a state machine, and it will restart in the beginning every time you run it. You should implement install checks in your installer to make sure you're not reinstalling something that has already been installed.

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