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I have two forms in partials, one form for editing data and another form - to adding. Both forms contains the same number of fields, and identical except that to the edit form I pass data, and the form for adding initially empty.

<ul class="some_list">      
  <li class="li_line_1">
    <div class="link_to_line_1">    
      <form class="edit_form_1" style="display: none">
    <input ...>
  <li ...>







I would like to have only one form, which would be created dynamically depending on what I choose.

How it looks.

There is some link having class .form_opener.

<a class="form_opener" ...>...</a>

There is originally a hidden form.


=form_tag url, style: 'display: none', class: "edit_form_#{some_index}", remote: true do  
  =some_field_tag :some_number, number, class: 'form_number_edit', required: 'required', placeholder: 'Some text', maxlength: 14, autocomplete: 'off'
  =submit_tag 'Submit', class: "btn submit"

Form is displayed in template an arbitrary number of times.


=render 'simple_form', ...

By clicking on the link I found the relevant form in the parent container and make it visible, then work with it (add or edit data).

$(".main_container").on 'click', '.form_opener', (event)->
  parentDiv = $(this).parent();
  form = $(".edit_form_#{parent}")
    modal: true
    title: 'Some title'    

    open: (event, ui) ->
      commonDialogOpenListener event, ui # my listener, some initialization here

    close: ( event, ui ) ->


Solution is rather cumbersome and, I think, is not quite acceptable. Especially if hidden forms quite a lot.

How can I implement the dynamic creation of forms in the controller and pass form to the view to display?

I would be very grateful for the advices. Thanks to all.

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Why not just ajax the form in with $.load and then handle all the creation with a view? just pass GET variables to your controller with "/your/path/to/edit?id=SOME_ID" –  engineersmnky Mar 17 '14 at 18:26
Thank you very much for your comment. I'll try it. –  Aleksey Bykov Mar 17 '14 at 19:46

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