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I'm struggling to get Hawtio remote connections working. I've two servers, both running Hawtio inside Karaf. One server is running an app server for a website and the other is running Camel and ActiveMQ to provide integration and messaging. I've an Apache reverse proxy in front of the messaging box, through which I can access Hawtio. I want to use this as the route in for administration tools.

My understanding is that I should be able to connect through the middleware box's Hawtio onto the app server's Hawtio. However, I can't get the connection screen to let me through. I've tried numerous combinations of IP addresses, hostnames, paths and clicked the "proxy" box on and off but to no avail. Sometimes a log-in screen appears but it appears if I put in nonsense as the hostname, so I think it is a red herring.

If I open up the firewall, I can access Hawtio directly on both boxes.

screenshot from 2014-03-17 17 58 53

What am I missing?

Thanks for any guidance.


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What version of Karaf and hawtio are you using? –  Claus Ibsen Mar 18 at 7:35
Hi Claus - it's Karaf 2.3.3 and Hawtio 1.2.1 –  Jeremy Gooch Mar 18 at 13:36
make sure you enable the Proxy flag; this is to avoid CORS issues as you can't open any old port in a normal web app –  James Strachan Mar 24 at 20:33
BTW if you try the hawtio Chrome Extension, you don't need to use Proxy's at all –  James Strachan Mar 24 at 20:33
Hi James. I've tried with the Proxy flag on and off but no luck. Just to be sure, am I right that jolokia is listening on the same port as Karaf and that the usual path is "hawtio/jolokia"? Should it launch another browser window or load the remote Hawtio within the same window? As above, I can get it to launch a new window, which then shows the log-in screen but it won't accept the credentials - in these cases the URL in the browser address bar shows:- https://my.domain.com/hawtio/index.html?url=%2Fhawtio%2Fproxy%2Fapplication-ser‌​ver-hostname%3A8181%2Fhawtio%2Fjolokia#/login –  Jeremy Gooch Mar 26 at 7:58

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I eventually worked around this. Instead of installing Hawtio in every container, I only installed Jolokia. I then reverse-proxied this out of the web server layer and used the Chrome plug-in to connect to each container.

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