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I'm following along with this OneNote API tutorial that uses the Live Connect SDK for Windows Phone 8 to authenticate the user:

I have authentication working but I'm seeing a strange workflow and then an error.

When I run the app on the Windows Phone 8 Emulator:

  • I see the sign-in page. I click on the sign-in page to login with my Microsoft account.
  • After I log in I am asked to authorize (my) app for access. I click yes to do so and the page in my app prints out "authentication successful"
  • I click the "Create simple page" button and it says "page successfully created"
  • I click the "See page" button and it takes me to Microsoft's OneDrive where I need to sign in again.

At this point I get an error that says "Problem signing in. with the error code 0x8000FFFF"

Note: If I run it on my Lumia phone I don't get the error but when it tries to the view the page it says "Notebook not found" and aborts.

Note2: If I try to login to OneDrive directly via the home page I get an "HTTP 503 Service Unavailable" error.

My questions are:

  • How can I fix this error? Is it simply not possible to effectively do an app like this in the Emulator?
  • How can I streamline this authentication process? I don't want to have to go through all the steps again every time I test my app, let alone how it will affect my users. Is there a way to store involved authentication tokens and pass them back to both the Live SDK single-sign in control and to the web browser based OneDrive login?

UPDATE #1: Apparently developing Live connect apps with OneDrive login on the Emulator isn't possible.

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The issue you are hitting is related to the emulator. The emulator does not support opening the link that is returned.

If you run this on a device, it should open the note without any other auth requests assuming you used the same account that is logged in on the device.

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Yes I updated my post a while ago when Ginny Caughey told me that. Thanks. – Robert Oschler Mar 17 '14 at 19:52

This is actually an issue with the Windows Phone emulator where it is not able to associate itself with a Microsoft Account. You can either try on your physical device, or you can also run the now free Windows desktop client (download it from to see what the created page looks like.

We will update the sample readme to let folks know that they can't use the WP emulator to view the page. Thanks!

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Thanks. I've posted a new problem report on the OneNote blog. Should I be posting those here on SO with a OneNote tag instead?… – Robert Oschler Mar 17 '14 at 22:08
Yes, it would be easier for us to make sure your question gets answered if you post on StackOverflow here. – JamesLau-MSFT Mar 17 '14 at 23:17
Will do. What about feature requests and the like? Do you have a user voice for OneNote yet? Or should I just use the blog. – Robert Oschler Mar 17 '14 at 23:48

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