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I have a situation where I need to get the element in JavaScript from document.form.elementname but the problem is that, my element name contains '.' periods in it.

So in actual its like document.form.my.stack.element where "my.stack.element" is the name of element. Changing the name is not in my hands and cannot be done so getElementById is the only solution left?

Please let me know if I can still get the element using its name from the form?

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and why you don't just use getElementById ? –  Alaeddine Mar 17 at 19:03
simple - use document.form[] –  Shumail Mohy-ud-Din Mar 17 at 19:04
You're sure you didn't mean document.forms, with an s ? –  adeneo Mar 17 at 19:04
@Alaeddine, exactly - my.stack.element is a completely valid id (or name for that matter). –  davidkonrad Mar 17 at 19:09

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Use: document.form['my.stack.element'].


<form name="form">
  <input name="my.stack.element">
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Checkout the demo here jsbin.com/cekeqawu/2/edit –  Minko Gechev Mar 17 at 19:13
Oh yes, setting the name to the form works! Didnt do that, using ID's mostly :) Sorry! and +1. –  davidkonrad Mar 17 at 19:16
@davidkonrad - Is your form named form, this only works because of global namespacing where element names are attached to the global scope, there's no such thing as document.form natively in javascript, hence my question in the comments quite some time ago ? –  adeneo Mar 17 at 19:16

One thing that you can use is the square bracket notation to access the properties of an object.

So you could use

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you can access form names by using it as an associative array. The .name is just an alternative to the associative array key example.


is same as


Please note that the first snippet is an example. Of course it doesn't work because the js would treat is as an array, threatening it as document.form['my']['stack']['element'] due of punctuations.

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It is definitely not the same :-). document.form.my.stack.element is the same as document.form['my']['stack']['element']... –  Minko Gechev Mar 17 at 19:05
yes, was editing the post. Added that the first one is an example. Thanks for heads up –  KarelG Mar 17 at 19:07

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