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I have a small Java EE web application consisting of servlets and some RESTful services. The database is MySQL and i used hibernate for ORM mappings. I just want to make this app online for demonstration purposes, no heavy bandwidth or storage required.

I wanted to know if could host this application free of cost with minimum hassle, code modification. I read up on GAE and it doesn't have built in support for some of the APIs i have used eg hibernate. Any insight into it would be really appreciated.

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I recommend to you OpenShift, the service is really good and its free layer is more than enough for small apps.

The platform is backed by Red Hat, and the deploy system is incredible simple (based in git). There is no API limitation, you can add whatever third party you need.

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Currently, Google App Engine is mainly PaaS so you need to develop your application according to and using the platform services. For example it has it's own storage mechanisms: The DataStore which is non-relational database and Google Cloud SQL which is relational one. You can use JPA or JDO with it as an ORM. If you want to use GAE you will have to migrate your code to use these services given by the platform. If you want to deploy your code as it is and still want to use GAE, they are developing IaaS VM based deployment in the time being but it's still in early stage. It's available via Trusted Tester program. In your case I do not think you need to access the file system or use sockets so you do not have to deploy to a VM so you may consider moving to Google CLoud SQL and JPA if the migration is simple and the app is small as you say.

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I propose Heroku ,it is simple to use and you can deploy using git.

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Has Heroku a free plan for Java apps ? –  Roberto Mar 18 '14 at 19:47

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