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I am trying to get this feature to work for the theme option (admin) area for copyright are in the footer. I currently have this in my footer.php

    <footer id="footer"role="contentinfo">

<span class="footer-info">
// Copyright
Copyright &copy; <?php echo date("Y");?> <a href="<?php echo home_url( '/' ); ?>">
<?php bloginfo('name'); ?></a> <?php echo stripslashes( get_option_ct('copyright') ) ?>        <?php if (get_option_ct('_copyright_use') =='true');?>

and this in my theme_options.php

$options[] = array(
    "name"    => __('Copyright Text', CT_SHORTNAME),
    "desc"    => __('Enter the copyright text that displays in the footer. NOTE:        "Copyright © (YEAR) (SITENAME)" is automatically added', CT_SHORTNAME),
    "id"      => CT_SHORTNAME."copyright",
    "type"    => "textarea",
    "std"     => "Trailer // A responsive full size movie trailer background theme for     filmmakers",
    "rows"    => 6

  $options[] = array(
    "name"    => __("Show Copyright", CT_SHORTNAME),
    "desc"    => __('Do you want to show the Copyright text in the footer?',     CT_SHORTNAME),
    "id"      => CT_SHORTNAME."_copyright_use",
    "type"    => "checkbox",
    "std"     => "true"

It looks correct in the admin theme options area with the checkbox, but it doesn't actually do anything. am i missing something?

Thank you!

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