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I'm using Devise and CanCan with Rails 4. Both working great, but I don't want either to be in effect for 2 specific actions of a controller. So I do the following for Devise:

before_filter :authenticate_user!, except: [:check_in_list, :check_in]

This requires the user to be logged in for all exceptions except the check_in_list and check_in actions. Works exactly as I intended. The problem is when I add authorize_resource:

before_filter :authenticate_user!, except: [:check_in_list, :check_in]

Now if I try to go to the check_in_list or check_in pages, it redirects me to log in. Is there something similar to the except option for authorize_resource?

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According to gem documentation you can use skip_authorize_resource:

skip_authorize_resource only: [:check_in_list, :check_in]
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I'll try it... I'm guessing I would use only: instead of except: in this case. Seems strange to have the except: option on skip_authorize_resource and not authorize_resource – at. Mar 17 '14 at 21:46
yes, for your case 'only' should be used. I've updated the answer. Indeed a little strange, but it's their approach – MikeZ Mar 18 '14 at 19:29
skip_authorize_resource only: [:check_in_list, :check_in]
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