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Ok, so I'm pretty new to jQuery and I'm trying to create a long scrolling parallax page. When the user scrolls past a certain point I want the page to automatically scroll to a set point and lock, at which point I will have a couple animations run, and then give them some clickable links to go back to the top of the page or move to an order page.

I have the first part working fine, when $(window).scrollTop() hits a certain point i have:

    // $divTop is grabbing the top value I want it to scroll to.

    $('html, body').animate({scrollTop: $divTop},500);
    $('html, body').delay(500).css('overflow','hidden');

My main question is what the correct syntax would be for changing scrollTop back to its default? I would really like for this all to be enclosed in a timed function and then after it all runs they would have the two links. If they choose to scroll back to the top of the page it needs to reset all of those values.

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