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thanks for willing to help.

Here is my problem : I want to make a room for max 2 peers in , and this is my code which is supposed to work but it doesn't

        for(var val in io.sockets.manager.rooms){
            if(io.sockets.clients(val) < 2 ){
       = val;

            else if (io.sockets.clients(val) === 2 ) pass;
            else {

    else{ =;
function isEmpty(object)
  var isEmpty = true;
  if(Object.getOwnPropertyNames(object).length > 0) isEmpty = false;
   return isEmpty;

So basically I want it to check if there is no room yet , create it with a name of , if there is(are) room(s) , put the socket in a room where is 0 or 1 socket. But the script isn't working properly , which is why i am here, it creates a room for each socket.

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fix your syntax errors and repost, then we can help... – dandavis Mar 17 '14 at 20:55
pass isn't a Javascript keyword. Try using io.sockets.clients(val) > 2, remove pass; and remove the line with else { – Darkwater Mar 18 '14 at 15:13

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