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I'm facing a very complicated problem in my application that is solved when I update from toplink 10.1.3 to toplink Now I must find out which resolved issue (list available here is responsible for the solution, so I can convince the customer to update their toplink version.

I found an issue that is probably the one I need; its number is 6671556. But the list only shows a summary, a simplified description of the problem. Where can I find the detailed information?

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This detailed sort of information is kept in Oracle's Support Knowledge Base : the Website Formerly Known As Metalink. If you search on 6671556 you will find the bug note you want, "INVALID OBJECTS IN CACHE SHOULD BE REFRESHED WHEN REGISTERED IN UOW".


Just to be clear, the ToR of the Support site forbid the public copying of this information. So, if you don't have a Support contract you're probably out of luck.

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Thank you. I tried to access this site before, but I couldn't. I just thought this kind of information was public. – Paulo Guedes Feb 11 '10 at 22:36
Oracle make a lot of money from support. That's money they wouldn't make if they gave away "this kind of information". – APC Feb 21 '12 at 11:58

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