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I have a TeamCity Build Status Icon in github README.md which looks as follows

[![Build Status](http://<internal-tc-server>:8111/app/rest/builds/buildType:(id:BuildID)/statusIcon)](http://<internal-tc-server>/viewType.html?buildTypeId=BuildID&guest=1)

Looks like Github caches the images in README.md and the new image src url looks as follows.

<img src="https://github-camo.global.ssl.fastly.net/xxx/yyy"/>

Since the teamcity url is within our internal network, github will not be able to access it and cant cache it properly. So, I don't see any image in the README. Is there any Image tag that I can use to disable the automatic github image caching?

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Disabling the CDN is not possible currently: github.com/blog/1766-proxying-user-images. However, you might consider exposing the image via a public endpoint which doesn't require authentication, but uses unguessable tokens instead (e.g. https://<public_server>/images/<build_id>?token=<random_token>). –  Ivan Zuzak Mar 18 '14 at 7:03

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