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I set a receiver on a post_save signal and I was hoping catching the signals for all the proxy of my Model by setting the sender to the main Model but it does not seem to work:

class MyObject(models.Model):

class MyObjectProxy(MyObject):

    class Meta:
        proxy = True

# The receiver
# How to avoid writing another one for sender=MyObjectProxy ?
@receiver(post_save, sender=MyObject)

My receiver is not triggered when that happens:

obj = MyObjectProxy()

Is that normal? I have to set a receiver for each proxy? Can I set sender to a list of models?


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What is MyObjectProxy? –  Bibhas Mar 17 at 21:30
A Proxy Model, I'm updating my question to make it clearer. –  YAmikep Mar 18 at 1:17
Umm. Signals fire when you save an instance of the model. Why are you calling save() on the model class? –  Bibhas Mar 18 at 5:03
yes, I made a mistake in my example. I changed it. –  YAmikep Mar 18 at 13:37

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As of now, I think that a list of models is the only working way. There is an open discussion about that specific issue.

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so I can have sender=[] ? Thanks –  YAmikep Mar 20 at 0:33
Actually no, you cannot. The receiver decorator accepts only a signal (or a list of signals) and a single sender as kwarg. –  Germano Mar 20 at 8:52

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