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I can insert an image into a ZF2 view by simply entering an HTML tag in the PHTML file:

<img src='/images/myimage.jpg' class='img-class' width='250' alt='a pretty picture'/>

Is this the proper way to do it? Is there a proper way?

Other posts refer to calling up images through the controller. What is the benefit of doing that?

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Sometimes you have use-cases where you want to re-render a picture, let's say a user uploads 1000x1000px and you add functionality to crop the image to 100x200px plus adding a watermark. This resize stuff can be done within a controller action on the fly and the image stream could be returned. But generally, as @Tim Fountain told you, this is the right approach. – Sam Mar 17 '14 at 22:17
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Your example is the correct way. It's hard to say what the other posts you mention are referring to without specific examples.

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