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Suppose I have a dataset full, and I want to select all variables and put them in the var statement in the proc summary statement. Is there an easy way to do this? How do I select all variables in the select statement?

proc sql noprint; 
    select * into :all separated by " "
    from full;

    %put all = &all.;

    proc summary data=full print;
      *var &list of variables from dataset;
      class type;
      output out=work.summary;
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When in doubt, try _NUMERIC_ (or _CHARACTER_ or _ALL_ in other similar situations):

proc means data=sashelp.class;
var _numeric_;

FWIW, your approach was wrong, but there is a similar approach that could work.

proc sql;
select name into :namelist separated by ' '
from dictionary.columns
where libname='WORK' and memname='FULL' and upcase(type)='NUM';

That goes into the dictionary tables (similar to PROC CONTENTS output datasets) and pulls the variable names into a list.

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