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I am new to access and this is my first database that I have built on my own.

I have two tables:


SampleID (PK)
<other columns>

and I have established a 1 to many relationship based on the EMS_ID field. In the Site_ID table I have a field with the EMS_ID (primary key) which is a numerical value and a SITE_LOC field that is the text name of the sample location (as well as other information about the individual sites such as lat and long and so on). In the WaterSampleData table I have the SampleID (primary key) EMS_ID, SampleDate, SamplePeriod and then fields for the different parameters that are collected.

I would like to set up a form for the technician to enter the water sample data to populate the table. On the form I have the EMS_ID field set up as a combo box. When I open the form view, a dropdown arrow appears in the box beside EMS_ID and the different values that are in the SITE_ID table are available for the user to select. That works fine.

The next field that I have is the SITE_LOC and I have also set this as a combo box. When I open the form view, there is a drop down arrow but if I click on it there are no values listed. However, when I select an EMS_ID from the field above it will populate the SITE_LOC field with the correct name that corresponds to the EMS_ID.

The form works for all intents and purposes but what I would like is to have the option for the technician to enter the sample data by either selecting the EMS_ID or the SITE_LOC value and then have the corresponding value be automatically populated. In other words, I want it to work both ways. As it stands I can select the EMS_ID and get the correct SITE_LOC but I want the option to select the SITE_LOC from the list of values in the SITE_ID table and have the EMS_ID value populated. How do I do this? Is it possible? Thanks for your help.

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Is your form set up with a Form/Subform? –  Brad Mar 17 at 23:44
Why not display both values in the first combobox? –  Zaider Mar 18 at 16:02

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