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I have a PDF file which looks fine when I open it in Adobe, Internet explorer and Chrome. But when I open the PDF with the in-built PDF viewer in Firefox 27 the font looks funny.

Random letters are in bold and the font looks different.

URL: http://science.org.au/news/media/documents/11-14%20Media%20Release%20SmP%20budget%20FINAL.pdf

Question How do I fix the font issue so the PDF looks normal in Firefox 27?

Additional information: The PDF was created by converting a word document. The font of the word document was Arial. When I view what fonts the PDF contains with Adobe acrobat it says: - Arial-BoldMT - ArialMT - Calibri (Embedded Subset)

Question: Is there a safer web font to use than Arial?

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Unfortunately i'm missing the reputation to simply comment, but here is a screenshot of the bug in question: http://snag.gy/WNJJm.jpg (original pdf: http://www10.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/Publications/Papers/2005/LBMCFD_LNCSE51.pdf )

This is definitely a problem with this guys and mine computers, since i tested it on another computer and it displays fine there.

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