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Is it possible to specify an event to occur on the 1st weekday of multiple months every year in a single RRULE? Using January and June as a test case, my initial attempt was:


but BYSETPOS reduces the set down to January only. I think splitting it out into multiple rrules would work, but it would greatly increase the complexity of this area of my app so I was hoping for one rrule with a yearly freq.


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reduce freq to monthly and add interval with a value of 6 (every six months... sorry for the confusion (I think I understand your Q now) –  ochi Mar 17 at 23:45
Thanks blurfus, but I don't think a monthly freq combined with an interval would work. The UI supports selecting an arbitrary number of months...I came up with January and June for simplicity. I'll update the question. –  Troy Mar 18 at 0:05
how about FREQ=MONTHLY;BYDAY=MO,TU,WE,TH,FR;BYSETPOS=1;BYMONTH=<SELECTED_MONTHS_FROM_UI> ? (order of options is different) –  ochi Mar 18 at 0:21
Yes, I think that would work. I was hoping to keep the freq yearly so the UI doesn't reconfigure itself, but I think I can work around that. Thanks blurfus. Can you change this to an answer so I can accept it? –  Troy Mar 18 at 0:46
yeah! I understand... I don't see another way around it right now... btw, thanks –  ochi Mar 18 at 0:56

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You could try:


Please note the order of options is different.

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Not a valid answer anymore? –  ochi Mar 20 at 21:40
Thought it was...but it breaks when you add in an interval because the freq changes to monthly. –  Troy Mar 20 at 21:49
I looked at your other question... I see the other issue but this was the correct answer to the question asked. this is not the answer to the other new question. Seems unfair –  ochi Mar 20 at 21:53
You are right blurfus. I did not factor interval into this question so your answer was correct with the information I provided. I am going to mark this as correct. Thank you for helping me! –  Troy Mar 20 at 22:01
thanks for seeing my pov - I will try to see if I can provide any help with the new question –  ochi Mar 20 at 22:39

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