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So i have a table with some td's and a's in webbrowser from .net IE i can do to get element from elTB element

            HtmlElementCollection elTB = wb1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("TABLE");
            HtmlElementCollection elc = elTB[2].GetElementsByTagName("TD");

But if i try on geckofx, it's always giving me error can anyone help ? (i'm new on geckofx and c#)

            GeckoElementCollection tables = wb1.Document.GetElementsByTagName("TABLE");
            GeckoElementCollection TD = tables[2].GetElementsByTagName("A");
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whats the error? – Tom Mar 18 '14 at 20:18

This works:

      Gecko.Collections.IDomHtmlCollection<GeckoElement> foo = item.GetElementsByTagName("table");
      GeckoHtmlElement bar = foo[0] as GeckoHtmlElement;
      GeckoElementCollection TD = bar.GetElementsByTagName("a");

Most days I wonder if computers are semi-retarded or if it's just me.

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Tanks for the answer i already found the solution :P but yeah its like yours

            GeckoElement elDIVa = wb1.Document.GetElementById("element id");
            Gecko.Collections.IDomHtmlCollection<GeckoElement> elA = elDIVa.GetElementsByTagName("A");
            foreach (GeckoElement el in elA)
            { etc etc }
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