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I am a newbie to eclipse plugin development and Android.

I am trying to extend the DDMS functionality to include one or more views in addition to the ones provided by DDMS. I have imported the source code of DDMS and have created a plug-in project using the source code and I'm able to successfully launch the perspective. However, the connected device doesn't show up in the device list. (although the same device shows up in ADT-Eclipse provided by Google)

Can anyone please guide me as to where can I look for, in the source code, to find how DDMS recognizes the device when a USB is plugged in and what part does ADB play in the entire process. Is there a service that is always running which keeps listening to a particular port to detect an Android device?

Your help is very much appreciated.


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A process called "adbd" runs on the host and the device. You're interested in the host-side process, which is started in the background the first time you use adb. DDMS talks to adbd to get information about the connected device(s), and the app processes running there; it does all of the USB stuff. If you start it manually (adb kill-server ; adb start-server) you will see a message like * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *. That means adbd is listening for connections on local port 5037. –  fadden Mar 18 at 0:03

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