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How best to alter a SQL SELECT statment's field list to a COUNT(*) using PHP?


SELECT blah, blah, blah FROM tbl_blah WHERE blah;


SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tbl_blah WHERE blah

I have considered mysql_num_rows... but I am pretty sure it would be more efficient to edit the statement. I am guessing it could be solved with a regex expression... :S

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You can do this using preg_replace():

$sql = "SELECT blah, blah, blah FROM tbl_blah WHERE blah;";

$newSql = preg_replace(
    "/^SELECT (.*) FROM (.*)$/",
    "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $2",

echo $newSql;
// SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tbl_blah WHERE blah;
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The best thing would be to store the various pieces in separate variables and then call a function to coalesce them:

function makeSQL($fields, $tables, $conditions='')
  $sql = "SELECT $fields FROM $tables";
  if ($conditions != '')
    $sql .= " WHERE $conditions";
  return $sql;

That way you can call it with the proper fields one time, then COUNT(*) the next.

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