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If I have a string array that looks like this:

array = ["STRING1", "STRING05", "STRING20", "STRING4", "STRING3"]


array = ["STRING: 1", "STRING: 05", "STRING: 20", "STRING: 4", "STRING: 3"]

How can I sort the array by the number in each string (descending)?

I know that If the array consisted of integers and not strings, I could use:

sort_by { |k, v| -k }

I've searched all around but can't come up with a solution

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Please clarify whether the numbers can have more than a single digit. If 'yes' I suggest you indicate that by simply changing the example to include at least one number greater than 9. If 'no', array.sort_by(&:reverse).reverse also works. –  Cary Swoveland Mar 18 at 1:22
Thanks @CarySwoveland! I see what you mean, good to know that works. –  user3127502 Mar 18 at 2:29

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The below would sort by the number in each string and not the string itself

array.sort_by { |x| x[/\d+/].to_i }
=> ["STRING: 1", "STRING: 2", "STRING: 3", "STRING: 4", "STRING: 5"]

descending order:

array.sort_by { |x| -(x[/\d+/].to_i) }
=> ["STRING: 5", "STRING: 4", "STRING: 3", "STRING: 2", "STRING: 1"]
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Remember to convert this to an integer otherwise you'll get unexpected ordering when 1-digit numbers are compared to 2-digit numbers –  Gareth Mar 18 at 1:02
bjhaid, it's now hard to choose between your answer and @xdazz's. :-) –  Cary Swoveland Mar 18 at 1:25
@CarySwoveland well I did provide the answer with the main idea first (4 minutes earlier than xdazz's) and modification came after the comments, it's the concept behind it that really matters, the remaining changes are obvious, you can check my edit history to confirm that –  bjhaid Mar 18 at 1:28
@bjhaid Thank you!!! –  user3127502 Mar 18 at 2:24

sort the array by the number in each string (descending)

array.sort_by { |x| -x[/\d+/].to_i }
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Thank's a lot!!! –  user3127502 Mar 18 at 2:26

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