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The first time when I created a project using the freebase API, I create a new project in the Google API developer console and obtained an Android API key. When running the app got the 403 error "Access Not Configured". I am using the debug key. So far this is what I have done unsuccessfully

  1. Go back to the developer console and type in the debug key instead of cut and paste from the Eclipse Windows --> Preferences --> Android --> Build
  2. Clean my project.
  3. Change my project name and package name in Eclipse and in the Console and then get a new Android key.
  4. Delete the browser key generated automatically by the console, delete the Android key and create a new one.
  5. Out of desperation I use the browser key.

After step 5 I play around with the browser key option in the console. I think first with the Edit allowed referers and then Notification Endpoints which I put my web domain name. And this browser key somehow works even when I query from the Android app.
Now I create a new project with the original package name, and then use the browser key of this project with the Notification Endpoints points to the domain name of the web site of this package. It did not work this time. So I continue to develop with the rename package name in step 3 and once in a while try different thing to get the Android API key to work. I tried the step below and it still did not work.

  1. Create a completely new project, get a new Android key. When this does not work I use the browser key for this project and it did not work.
  2. Create a new project in another computer and generate the Android API key using the "new cloud interface" in the console.

Now all through this I did check that freebase service is enable in the console. In fact in the old interface of the console, every freebase project Dashboard has Freebase listed in the Service column and No known issues under the Status column.
I did try one more thing, that when reading the help in the console about the API key, it kind of suggest that a meta entry should be created in the application manifest. I did just like the one using Google map with all kind of different name. It did not get me anywhere, still 403.

The weirdest thing about all this is using the working key (browser key at that) in any Android project now works. So I have this key works in project com.example.freebase, com.locaar.Wiki etc all working contrary to what implied in the console that each project should has its own key.

Does anybody know how to make the Android key works?

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