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I have a text file template.txt:


|1| |2| |3|


|5|, |6| |7|

Dear |1| |3|: You and the |3| family may be the lucky winner of $1,000,000 in the C++ programming competition!.....

and i have a text file database.txt:

Mr.|Harry|Morgan|1105 Main st|San Francisco|CA|95014|

Dr.|John|Lee|702 Ninth St Apt 4|San Jose|CA|95109|

Miss|Evelyn|Garcia|100 University Place|Ann Arbor|MI|48105|

my code can display the first line in database.txt as the format in template.txt correctly.

my output in the last.txt(created by myself) :

To: Mr. Harry Morgan 1105 Main st San Francisco, CA 95014 Dear Mr. Morgan: You and the Morgan family may be the lucky winner of $1,000,000 in the C++ programming competition!.....

I want to display the next two lines as the same format in last.txt as well. I used while loop, even make a new function, it does not work at all. Hope someone can help me! thanks!

#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

void edit(ifstream& data, ifstream& temp, ofstream& last)
    char x;
    char x2, x3;
    string arr[21];
    string line;

    for (int j = 1; j<21; j++)
        getline(data, line, '|');
        arr[j] = line;
        cout << arr[j] << endl;

    while (temp.get(x))
        if ('|' == x)
            if (isdigit(x2))
                if ('|' == x3)
                    int n = x2 - '0';
                    last << arr[n];
            last << x;

int main()
    ofstream last;
    ifstream temp;
    ifstream data;"template.txt");"database.txt");"last.txt", fstream::app);
    if ( { return 0; }

    edit(data, temp, last);

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Whilst this probably doesn't solve your problem this might be worth looking at (c-style output method) – Matthew Pigram Mar 18 '14 at 2:04
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You can use seekg to reposition to the beginning of the template file after processing a line from the names file. You'll need to restructure your code to have two loops though.

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