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I made a helper class which have lots of small functions that will help me to create my content, but when I try to include it in my code the PHP shows an error saying that my class doesn't exist. I just use require_once('../general.php'); but it gives me a "failed to open stream" error.

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Not familiar with Kohana, but one thing you may wish to confirm is your working directory you are calling require_once from. Also, (just nitpicking) require_once is a statement, not a function. What you have will work, but the preferred usage is require_once "../general.php"; –  Crackertastic Mar 18 '14 at 2:41

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Just add the class to application/classes and use as normal. I've used some kind of Util.php class with some static functions like that.

Oh and don't bother with loading it manually, autoloader should deal with it just fine.

Edit: Make sure that your class starts with a capital letter (General.php) and call it just General in your code.

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It worked perfectly!! Thanks a lot! –  Eduardo Alberice Mar 22 '14 at 22:06

You just need to call it just by name like if you have Function.php You can call it through (Function) no need to add php extension.

you should use General not General.php

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