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I'm using the stale? method to do conditional GET caching in my JSON API.

I use

@post = Post.find(params[:post_id])
if stale? @post

AFAIK This uses the post's updated_at to make a cache key. Is there any way I can expire the cache entry for this item without doing post.touch? I'm using Heroku.

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are you using some kind of http cache proxy like rack-cache and setting the s-maxage such that the request doesn't hit the stack? –  Jesse Goodfellow Mar 18 at 3:33
@JesseGoodfellow No, I don't think so. The request definitely hits the stack, because the stale? method is used in my Post Controller –  you786 Mar 18 at 6:48
For what cache are you trying to expire the entries? Browser cache? Are you saying you want to respond with a 200 even though the record hasn't changed? Or is the record being modified but still responding with a 304? If the stale? method uses an etag, you could expire all etags in your app by modifying the ENV['RAILS_CACHE_ID'] variable –  Jesse Goodfellow Mar 18 at 12:46
@JesseGoodfellow Yes, basically I made a change to how the api response looks. The model/record itself hasn't changed. So I want to be able to stop sending a 304 NOT MODIFIED and send a 200. –  you786 Mar 18 at 17:22

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create a file in config/initializers called bust_cache.rb with following contents:

ENV["RAILS_CACHE_ID"] = 'version1'

If in future you wish to bust the cache again change the value to 'version2' etc. If you wish to bust the cache with every deploy use:

ENV["RAILS_CACHE_ID"] = Time.now.to_s

***Note that this last strategy will not work with multiple dynos on Heroku or other such similar situations

thanks to Nathan Kontny

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Thanks, haven't tested it yet but it seems like it will work. –  you786 Mar 19 at 7:35

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