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I'm trying to redirect URLs containing the argument "args" with the WordPress Redirection plugin.

For example, redirect website.com/page.htm?args=12345 to website.com/page.htm

The regular expression I tried is

/(.*)?args=(.*)  --> /$1

But this redirects to website.com/page.htm? with a trailing question mark

When I tried the expression:

/(.*)?args=(.*)  --> /$1?

It redirects to website.com/page.htm??

What am I doing wrong here?

BTW, server redirection is not an option here. Thanks.

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Escape the ?. –  devnull Mar 18 at 4:03
Yes, @devnull That's the problem. Thanks! –  GooDoo Mar 18 at 4:23

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you are selecting everything before args= in first case and in the second case you are not matching the ? literally it should be (.*)\?args=(.*) escaped ? for it to work

demo here : http://regex101.com/r/jV1sF3

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If you want you can use this regex tester too rubular.com/r/jDQC119qfu –  Amarnath Balasubramanian Mar 18 at 4:05
rubular is slow and it won't describe whats happening –  aelor Mar 18 at 4:07
Thank you @aelor I didn't escape the question mark. Appreciate your quick reply. Have a good day! –  GooDoo Mar 18 at 4:22

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