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This is easy to verify

  • Open the Gmail app on android

  • Click on Compose

  • Add 2 or more contacts in the To field

Notice how the contacts inside the EditText are formatted. They are not mere strings of emails, each looks like a TextView with a compoundDrawable. But then, even more than a TextView, you can click on each one of them. And when you do click, an X button shows up so that you can delete the one you clicked. It’s pretty awesome.

The problem is I can’t find any documentation online on how Google’s Gmail team is doing it. Does anyone know how and don’t mind showing an example code with xml and java portions?

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You should Take Look at this.

How Add and delete the Contact Bubbles properly in multiautocompletetextview with space tokenizer like gmail to field in android

I request you to use Search before posting questions. Its most likely that a feature or technique could be implemented already by someone.

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