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I am able to returned value in alert form from remote php script. However when I console.log(IPAddress) my value is undefined. My Goal is to establish value of IPAddress from json response. Always a single value in json response. Example: {"ip":""}

Here is my code:

var IPAddress = function(){
    $.getJSON("http://domain.com/assets/php/get-ip.php/?    callback=DisplayIP",function(data){

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You need to Parse Json in order to read it. You can do this by using JSON.parse() method.

So, simply use JSON.Parse(data.ip); to get your data

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$.getJSON parses the response. –  Vohuman Mar 18 at 5:41
return JSON.parse(data.ip) gives me same undefined result –  user3431682 Mar 18 at 5:44
@user3431682 First log this JSON.stringify(data).. and tell what it returns.. –  Rajaprabhu Aravindasamy Mar 18 at 5:46
{"ip":""} - stringify –  user3431682 Mar 18 at 5:51
@user3431682 Check the linked question. Your problem is something completely different from what these guys tell you. –  Vohuman Mar 18 at 5:52

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