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I'm trying to create a JavaScript-like setInterval function in python, but I'm stumped now on how to make a similar clearInterval.

 def setInterval(func, sec):
     def inner_function():
         func() # call on it
         setInterval(func, sec) # do the same function over and over again
     thread = threading.Timer(sec, inner_function) # have it call inner ever x seconds
     return thread

def clearInterval(interval):
    return True

So at first I thought this should work

interval = setInterval(lambda: print("Hello, World!"), 3) # prints 'Hello, World!' every three seconds.
# some time later

Trying to clear the interval did not work though. It makes a clone thread that keeps executing the func

Is there a way to restart a thread in python? If there is not a way does anyone know how to do the above, only have it actually be able to use clearInterval and it will stop entirely?

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Have a look at the sched module. It should be able to do what you want.

scheduler.cancel(event) Remove the event from the queue. If event is not an event currently in the queue, this method will raise a ValueError.

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