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Has anyone encountered a problem with Selenium-RC that is revealed by aborting and respawning requests? In my case Selenium-RC aborted requests after timeout=60s, and trying to duplicate this requests with same data (even timestamp as GET parameter) after this timeout. Problem occurs in every browser and different Selenium-Server versions (checked with 2.35 - 2.40). There is no bug in code - I supposose, that problem may be related with proxy server creating by Selenium-Server or settings of browser (eg. Firefox). Maybe someone of you know how to configure timeout for requests for automated tests written in Selenium-RC. I've found only one solution for WebDriver, but nothing for Selenium-RC.

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Why do you need to use selenium-rc? It has been deprecated for several YEARS now. You do know that selenium2 has both selenium-rc and selenium-webdriver APIs, so you can migrate your tests slowly as needed. –  SiKing Jul 2 at 21:31

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