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I am having good experience using Vagrant with Django, But thinks change everyday now I am working on a Pyramid project and I would love to use Vagrant but can't figure out how can i configure Vagrant to setup a vagrant environment for Pyramid.

I hope someone faced this situation and will try to help me out. :)


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using vagrant to do what exactly? –  Tom Willis Mar 18 at 18:37
Using Vagrant i want to host my pyramid project on specific IP. –  CrazyGeek Mar 19 at 4:38
Edited my question title. –  CrazyGeek Mar 19 at 5:01
you would do it much the same way as you would for django. they are both wsgi applications, you want to set up a wsgi application, and vagrant really has nothing to do with it. –  Tom Willis Mar 19 at 14:20
Ok, I will try and let you know. –  CrazyGeek Mar 20 at 5:42

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