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I got error While running the jess in java program like error: package jess does not exist I don't know what and all packages to be included.

I have written code like this:

import jess.*;
public class ExQuery {
    public static void main(String[] argv) throws JessException {
        Rete engine = new Rete();

    QueryResult result =
        engine.runQueryStar("search-by-name", new ValueVector().add("Smith"));
    while (result.next()) {
        System.out.println(result.getString("fn") + " " + result.getString("ln")
                            + ", age" + result.getInt("age"));
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Not getting. I imported com.boris.app.*.Got error like, –  user3304553 Mar 18 at 9:03
error: package com.boris.app does not exist –  user3304553 Mar 18 at 9:20
@BoristheSpider Try to know the subject before you post random comments. jess is indeed a package and contains class Rete (and others), and so the import is perfectly fine. –  laune Mar 18 at 9:55
How is you class path setting? Does it include /.../Jess71p2/lib/jess.jar? –  laune Mar 18 at 9:56
This is the sort of basic Java development question that is best answered by talking to someone locally -- a teaching assistant, another student; someone with a little experience using whatever development environment you're using. –  Ernest Friedman-Hill Mar 18 at 13:20
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Make sure you've imported the jess.jar librairy into your project. Right click on project -> Properties -> Into Java Build Path -> Add external JARs

you need to select the jess.jar file into your Jess71p2 (or other version..) -> lib -> jess.jar

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