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I am trying to export data to Excel using this PHP Class, so far things are working fine and the export is being generated. But now I have a new requirement of generating multiple sheets inside a single excel file.

For example if i have two arrays, i want both to be on separate sheets.

$myarray1 =  array (
       1 => array ("Oliver", "Peter", "Paul"),
            array ("Marlene", "Mica", "Lina")

$myarray2 =  array (
       1 => array ("Oliver", "Peter", "Paul"),
            array ("Marlene", "Mica", "Lina")

At present both arrays are being exported on a single sheet

$xls = new Excel_XML;
$xls->addArray ( $myarray );
$xls->addArray ( $myarray2 );
$xls->generateXML ( "testfile" );

I am wondering if someone tried this before and was able to achieve it and I will appreciate any help I can get on this.

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i would suggest you to use PHPExcel library.supports variety of formats, can do visual formatting and is easy to use. You can find more about it at their webpage:

You can do a lot more of course, reading excel files, setting visual styles, creating plots, expressions and lot more.

you can even use fgetcsv

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yes, i did go through that, problem is the current export class is being used alot through out the system and changing that to a new class will be very time consuming – Baig Mar 18 '14 at 9:11

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