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i use this code for encrypt my data to blwofish but i dont know really to convert to blowfish or other encryption.

echo crypt('ab','$2a$09$anexamplestringforsalt$')."\n
and i'm try bottom code but it's false echo CRYPT_BLOWFISH('ab','$2a$09$anexamplestringforsalt$')."\n

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It is the crypt parameter string, that defines which algorithm is used:

$2a : This describes the algorithm (BCrypt) but should be 2y nowadays
$09 : This is the number of rounds and is usually 10 or higher
$anexamplestringforsalt : This should be a really random salt of a given alphabet

To generate a BCrypt hash, it is much safer to use the new password_hash() function though, there exists also a compatibility pack for earlier PHP versions.

// Hash a new password for storing in the database.
// The function automatically generates a cryptographically safe salt.
$hashToStoreInDb = password_hash($password, PASSWORD_BCRYPT);

// Check if the hash of the entered login password, matches the stored hash.
// The salt and the cost factor will be extracted from $existingHashFromDb.
$isPasswordCorrect = password_verify($password, $existingHashFromDb);
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