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I would like to have child window docked next to my parent window. If I move parent window, child window should be also moved. The image below should explain what i would like to achieve:
enter image description here
Can someone help me please. I'm writing in WPF. Does anybody have an idea on how to do this?

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Handle the Window.LocationChanged events and Window.SizeChanged events on the main window. When either of these events fires, compute the new location for the child window.

Here is the idea:

var mainWindow = ...;
var childWindow = ...;

var handler = new EventHandler(() =>
  childWindow.Top = mainWindow.Top;
  childWindow.Left = mainWindow.Left + mainWindow.Width;

mainWindow.LocationChanged += handler;
mainWindow.SizeChanged += handler;

You may also need code that removes handler from both events when the child window no longer needs to be docked or is no longer shon.

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