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hi I have two DataTable objects and I want to control this two DataTables step by step:

For example here are two DataTable:

DataTable "zugang"


DataTable "abgang"


step 1: zugang columnvalue contains abgang coummvalue Herre I create a new DataTable "complete" with columns name and status

To Control: zugang

A is not in abgang -> addRow(name=A,status=new)
B is not in abgang -> addRow(name=B,status=new)
C is in abgang     -> addRow(name=C,status=change)
D is in abgang     -> addRow(name=D,status=change)

step2: abgang columnvalue not contains zugang columnvalue

to Control: abgang

C is in zugang -> nothing
D is in zugang -> nothing
E is not in zugang -> addRow(name=E,status=delete)
F is not in zugang -> addRow(name=F,status=delete)

after this steps the new DataTable must be how this:

Name | Status
A      new
B      new
C      change
D      change
E      delete
F      delete

So I can final count the rows with this three status values :)

and I get -> new=2 , change=2 and delete=2

Here is my methode structure:

private static DataTable ControlDataTable(DataTable zugang, DataTable abgang) 
    DataTable endTable;

    step 1:


    return endtable;
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Where you get table data? – Sergey Berezovskiy Mar 18 '14 at 10:08
Looks like a pretty straight forward thing to do. What did you try? Where are you having issue? – Shashank Chaturvedi Mar 18 '14 at 10:21

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