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I have the following tree of Entities: School - contains a collection of Students, Student - contains a collection of Notebooks, Notebook - contains a collection of Titles. In addition, School has association with a collection of RootTitles (consisting of Title entities) and Title has association with a collection of SpecialTitles (consisting of Title entities).

After some Title's association vs School is updated, and Update is called on the whole tree, the value in the database is updated but second level cache - not.

After some debugging I've found out that OnPostUpdate event is not fired for this Title entity. It currently looks to me like a bug in NHibernate infrastructure but I would be happy to get more experienced opinion.

My current workaround for this problem is to call explicit Evict on the changed entities but it is far from being a nice solution.

Thank you in advance, Yulia

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Just a shot in the dark - are you doing this work within a transaction, or not? See hibernatingrhinos.com/products/nhprof/learn/alert/… –  Daniel Schilling Mar 18 '14 at 19:58

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