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Is there a way to programmatically interface with iTunes to add new playlists or smart views?

For example, say I download 10 new mp3 files from a website, is there a way of programmatically adding this list of mp3s to a new playlist called "New Album xx"? A new smart view could be okay too if this is easier.

More specifically, this is for a Windows project, so the way of doing this should be platform independent.

Thanks! -Greg

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Apple does offer a COM-based SDK for automating iTunes with Windows. It's not the greatest (for example, I think you have to make sure iTunes.exe is running in a desktop session and several commands can cause dialogs to popup and block your automation), but it does let you do things like create new play lists and add songs.

Install Here

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Assuming you are on a Mac... I think you can do this with AppleScript, this link might be useful

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