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We are developing an Lync client application, in this we need to dial a number to outside number the below code works fine when we are not using UI Suppression

LyncClient lyncClient = LyncClient.GetClient();
var automation = LyncClient.GetAutomation();
var conversationModes = AutomationModalities.Audio;
var conversationSettings = new Dictionary<AutomationModalitySettings, object>();
List<string> participants = new List<string>();
var contact = lyncClient.ContactManager.GetContactByUri("tel:" + _TelephoneNumber);
automation.BeginStartConversation(AutomationModalities.Audio, participants, null, null, automation);

The same code while we are running the application in UI Suppression mode LyncClient.GetAutomation() throwing an error "Exception from HRESULT: 0x80C8000B". In forums found that GetAutomation() will not work in UISuppression mode. Is there any alternative way to achieve this functionality if so could anyone provide us sample code.

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That's right - you can't use the Automation API in UI suppression mode at all, as it needs a running, visible instance of Lync to interact with.

You can start calls in UI supression, but it's a lot more work. First, get hold of the Lync client using:

var _client = LyncClient.GetClient();

Then add a new conversation using the ConversationManager:

_client.ConversationManager.ConversationAdded += ConversationManager_ConversationAdded;

The following code shows how to handle the events and operations that stem from adding the new conversation:

private void ConversationManager_ConversationAdded(object sender, ConversationManagerEventArgs e)
    _conversation = e.Conversation;
    _conversation.ParticipantAdded += Conversation_ParticipantAdded;

    var contact = _client.ContactManager.GetContactByUri("+441234567890");

private void Conversation_ParticipantAdded(object sender, ParticipantCollectionChangedEventArgs e)
    if (!e.Participant.IsSelf)
        _avModality = (AVModality)_conversation.Modalities[ModalityTypes.AudioVideo];

        if (_avModality.CanInvoke(ModalityAction.Connect))
            _avModality.BeginConnect(AVModalityConnectCallback, _avModality);
private void AVModalityConnectCallback(IAsyncResult ar)

Hopefully that should get you started.

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Thanks for the reply, it worked. –  dinesh Haraveer Mar 18 '14 at 14:28

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