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I'm looking to override a role's attributes based on the environment much the same was as I could use env_run_lists to override a role's run_list based on the environment.

In my case it's for Nagios checks. I need a default check, but I also want different types of machine (using roles) to have different levels of check, PLUS I want to have different levels of check for different environments based on the role.

Ideally, I'd want something like this in the role for a machine type (using the hypothetical directive of "env_attributes" in a web server role:

name "webserver"
description "A machine that serves webs"
env_attributes (
   "_default" => [
     "nagios" => [
        "check_interval" => "60"
        "retry_interval" => "3
   "CompanyStackA" => [
     "nagios" => [
        "check_interval" => "10"
        "retry_interval" => "2
   "CompanyStackB" => [
     "nagios" => [
        "check_interval" => "50"
        "retry_interval" => "1

What I don't want to have to do is write attributes for every machine type, having defaults is essential, so I'd rather not have a load of attributes set for all roles in actual environment. What would be the simplest way? It seems not being able to override attributes by role+environment seems an oversight if you can for run lists.

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Why not just put the attributes in the environment... –  sethvargo Mar 18 at 15:30
these attributes are actually role level attributes, but I'd like to do role+environment. if i did this at the environment level, I wouldn't be able to make use of per role attributes...would I? –  user3432758 Mar 18 at 17:01
But roles are just data... I don't quite understand the point –  sethvargo Mar 18 at 19:34
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