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I hosted my site using digitalocean and ghost application. I have a domain name in godaddy. According to a tutorial, I had to go first 'Add domain' in the DO control panel then, copy the 3 name servers.

Then log into godaddy, enter the three name servers along with the two existing ones. (Informational) (Informational)

Then under 'A', I put the IP address that is provided by the DO.

Thats it right? Is there anything more I need to do?

In do, when I was entering the domain name i put it with out 'www' and selected the correct droplet.

In DO, A column has '@' then a space, then my IP address, then comes the name servers. what has to be done to get this activated?

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First, update your Nameservers in GoDaddy like so:

GoDaddy Nameservers

Next, login to your digital ocean and add the following DNS records:

A - @ - [IP OF SERVER]

CNAME - www - @
CNAME - * - @


Good luck!

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Here's a bit of supplemental information from Digital Ocean, too, explaining how DNS works. I had the same problem as OP, and since I only kinda-sorta understood DNS and nameservers, it was worth the read for me. – trailing slash Dec 5 '15 at 1:42

I encountered this issue and I didn't change the nameservers setting on GoDaddy control panel as @grant suggested.

Neither it helps me by following this tutorial:

My solution is:

Instead I changed my A record in DNS Zone File section on GoDaddy Control Panel to point to the Digital Ocean VM IP address.

After it's done I am able to ping the VM via my GoDaddy domain name

Only this step is needed for my case. I hope it works for others too.

enter image description here

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Had exactly same problem, and only your solution works. Strange, this only happened on godaddy... – Cashew Jul 29 '15 at 18:21

Only include the name servers DO has provided, godaddy's are no longer needed.

You can check the status of you domain (to see where it's pointing to) with this DNS propagation tool.

Into DNS is also very good as revealing these types of problems.

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Here is an easier way:

You could reset the settings for the domain (So there are only 2 name servers from GoDaddy) and create an A record pointing to your droplet IP. Your done!

I don't think your supposed to have name servers of two different hosts, so if you want to go the nameserver way, remove GoDaddy's name servers and replace them with DO's

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I believe the easiest way is please just contact your registrar (Godaddy) and ask them to point your domain to DO name server.

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