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Java makes me sad since it needs wrapper classes for ArrayLists. How would I go about adding a byte[] to a ArrayList<Byte[]>?

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What is wrong with ArrayList<byte[]>? That works (as a list of byte[] arrays). Perhaps you meant ArrayList<Byte> from a byte[]? –  Yishai Feb 11 '10 at 21:28

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LOL thought I had to wrap everything. ArrayList<byte[]> works. Thanks Yishai.

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Just for the purpose of others searching for this, if you have Apache Commons on your classpath, you can do something like the following to get Byte[] back (documentation]:

Byte[] result = ArrayUtils.toObject(byte[]);
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You have to wrap any primitives to use them in a context that requires an object. But a byte[] is not a primitive. It's an array of bytes, and an array is an object.

Just to clarify: Do you really want an ArrayList of arrays of bytes, i.e. effectively a two-dimensional array? Or do you really simply want an ArrayList of bytes? In that case, you would have to wrap the bytes in Bytes to put them in the ArrayList.

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