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my understanding of embedded programming says 1 line of code is executed in 1 oscillation of the crystal. is it true?

right now i'm a web programmer and coder. lets say, i have 10 functions and each function will just render the function name.

so if i reduce it to 1 line, will the processor execute these 10 functions at once or sequentially? if at once, what is the maximum number of functions it can execute at once? does it depend on processor architecture? if sequentially, then why do we have to bother minifying the code?

For example, i tried minifying drupal core.. i.e remove all comments, spaces and line breaks, so as to reduce an average 2000+ line code to about 4-5.

But i keep getting execution timeout. Can you help me understand why is this happening?

i tried it on localhost in wampserver. is it a limit set by wamp? or does it depend on the processor clock rate?

But if i try the same for my custom built php based cms, works pretty fine and faster...

What is happening?

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