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I have two mongoid models, let's call them Model and ModelChild. This is relation in Model:

embeds_many :readings, class_name: 'ModelChild', inverse_of: :model

And this is relation in model_child:

embedded_in :model, class_name: 'Model', inverse_of: :readings

The problem is that ModelSerializer is called, but ModelChildSerializer isn't. Am I doing something wrong or is this by design? If it's by design, how can I make it call ModelChildSerializer.


Controller's rendering call:

render json: obj, serializer: ObjSerializer

And code in ObjSerializer:

  def attributes
    data = super
    data[:data] = ActiveModel::ArraySerializer.new(data[:data])
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could you show the controller code to render the request that it's not working? –  artmees Mar 18 at 17:31

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ActiveModel Serialization is not supported for embedded documents...if you want a workaround check this out http://discuss.emberjs.com/t/extend-ds-activemodelserializer-support-for-embedded-objects-belongsto-relationship-using-has-one/3392

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Thanks, I'll study it ASAP. –  xx77aBs Mar 19 at 15:27
did it helped?? –  abhas Mar 21 at 7:58
Sorry, I didn't find any time to try it out yet. I'll try it as soon as I clear my high priority tasks ;) –  xx77aBs Mar 22 at 10:20

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